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Caravan and Trailer Insurance

Caravan and Trailer Insurance

Many Australians love hitting the road on a driving holiday. With Caravan and Trailer Insurance, you can feel rest assured that no matter where you are or what hops in your way, your home away from home will be looked after by us just as well as it is by you. 

Who is it for? 

Anyone who likes to take to the road with their caravan or trailer should consider Caravan and Trailer Insurance. 

What does this insurance cover? 

Your caravan and trailer whether you’re on the road or parked in the driveway at home. Other benefits could include: 

  • Access to a claims team 24 hours a day 
  • Contents cover up to $500 
  • Emergency repairs, travel and accommodation when you are at least 100km away from home 
  • No claim discount rating 
  • Legal liability for unregistered on-site caravans. 
For more information or to arrange cover for you or your business, please contact the team at CIS Group.