Protection for your business

How do you know what types of cover are right for you, or how much you need? And do you have time to do all the research yourself? We get to know your business and your unique risks, so we can tailor a business insurance plan that suits you.

When you’ve put a lot of time and effort into building a business, you want to do everything you can to ensure its ongoing success. That’s why business insurance is so important.

Whatever the size and shape of your business, there are a range of flexible business insurance options designed to protect you and your business from the everyday risks you can’t control – allowing you to get on with what you do best – making your business a success!

Your business is more than just a job, we know it’s your livelihood.


Business Insurance Packages 

To be successful in business, you want to be able to focus on the things you do best – like looking after your customers and staff. CIS Group works with you to find a Business Insurance solution that is tailored specifically to your needs, to make sure your business assets are protected. 

Commercial Property Insurance 

All commercial properties are vulnerable to potential damage, loss or theft. If your commercial property is not protected with insurance, your business could be exposed to substantial monetary and reputational damage. Commercial Property Insurance covers you against loss or damage done to non-residential properties. We also offer Landlord and Strata Title Insurance, depending on your particular circumstances. 

Industrial Special Risks Insurance 

Industrial Special Risks (ISR) Insurance provides cover for high-value assets including property, buildings, materials and machinery against events that may result in significant loss or damage. 

Public Liability Insurance 

If you’re running any sort of business, you’ve got enough on your plate without having to worry about a personal injury to a third party or damage to their property. For many reasons, Public Liability insurance is something you simply cannot afford to be without when you’re running any sort of business. 

Product Liability Insurance 

It takes just one faulty product to destroy your business. Even if you didn’t make the product, if you promote it or sell it and it causes damage to another person, then you could be liable. The cost of being sued could bring your business to a stand-still. Talk to us about Product Liability Insurance.  

Trade Insurance 

We may not be able to tell the difference between a floor range, alternating current or cold cranking amps, but we do know a lot about insurance for tradies. So, while you keep your eye on the nuts and bolts of your business, we’ll worry about the ‘what ifs’ on your behalf. Talk to us about Trade Insurance 

Commercial Motor Insurance 

If your business depends on a reliable set of wheels – whether it be a zippy hatch, a trusty ute or a light truck – you want to know it’s protected both on and off the road. Our Commercial Motor Insurance solutions are designed to take the worry out of running a single work vehicle or a fleet of vehicles of up to five tonnes carrying capacity. 

Motor Fleet Insurance

We’ll help keep your sales team on the road, or your deliveries on track, with a tailored Motor Fleet Insurance solution. While we can’t help you remove traffic congestion, change the oil or balance the loads of your vehicles, we can give you a policy best suited to your fleet or individual vehicle. 

Heavy Motor Insurance 

Appreciate the peace of mind that comes of knowing your heavy motor investment is protected for the long haul. CIS Group offers a specialised Heavy Motor Insurance solution for vehicles over five tonnes carrying capacity or heavy mobile machinery, with a range of options to suit your equipment and business needs. 

Contractors Plant Insurance

For businesses and individuals that own, supply, hire and operate plant and equipment, the risk of equipment breaking down or getting damaged can be high. 

Contractors Plant Insurance can assist you in minimising any loss should your equipment fail or if your plant is out of action. 

Earthpack Insurance


If you are in construction, your trucks, earthmoving equipment and other industry tools are vital to your business’ ongoing success. Earthpack insurance is built specifically for the earthmoving and heavy haulage industry and is the most cost-effective and comprehensive insurance cover of its kind. 

Contract Works/Material Damage  Insurance 

If you own or manage a construction site, consider that there are several potential risks that can disrupt your business’ operations. CIS Group understands these risks and can tailor an insurance solution with a range of cover options to protect your contracted works against significant contingencies before, during and after completion, as well as anyone visiting or working on the site. 

Professional Indemnity Insurance 

If you give professional advice for a living, one small mistake could result in expensive lawsuits and a damaged business’ reputation. Professional Indemnity Insurance is one way to have peace of mind that your assets and brand will be protected if the advice you provide causes a client to take legal action. 

Management Liability Insurance

If a business is not adequately covered with Management Liability Insurance, its Directors and Managers could be at risk of losing not just their business, but also personal assets as well. 

Cyber and Privacy Insurance 

Cybercrime is increasingly becoming one of the leading business risks globally. In today’s digital world, it’s never been more critical to protect your private information of employees and clients, as well as your digital assets and online systems which could be compromised. It can not only affect you financially but can also harm your intellectual property, client trust and reputation. 

IT Liability Insurance 

Most businesses depend on IT and their online systems to work efficiently and effectively all of the time. However, when things go wrong, IT professionals can be held to account and face liabilities that could result in significant negative financial and reputational consequences. Talk to us about IT Liability Insurance 

Marine Insurance


If your business relies on cargo to be shipped by sea, you’ll want to know that it’s protected from the moment it leaves its departure point to the moment it arrives at your business door. Marine insurance is vital to protect your cargo. 

Asbestos, Pollution and Environmental Liability Insurance. 

Whether you’re an environmental or non-environmental contractor, you should consider a pollution liability insurance policy that has coverage for asbestos exposures. We offer Asbestos, Pollution and Environmental Liability Insurance. 

Statutory Liability Insurance  

Due to a large number of requirements as specified by Workplace health and safety laws, businesses need to make sure they are up to date and comply with a long list of rules and regulations intended to protect employees at work. Statutory Liability Insurance can help protect you from inadvertently breaching any of these laws.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Australia is becoming increasingly litigious, and claims for unfair dismissal, sexual harassment and racial discrimination are becoming more common than ever. Employment Practices Liability Insurance provides organisations with cover for actions taken by employees against their employers, whether it be for alleged discrimination, unfair dismissal and sexual or workplace harassment. 

Corporate Travel Insurance

CIS Group Corporate Travel Insurance provides employees with cover for the most common risks they might encounter while travelling for work interstate or abroad. Coverage could include loss of deposits, accidental death and disability, flight cancellations, baggage theft, medical evacuation, personal liability and more. 

Employee Journey Insurance  

Employees are your business’ most valuable asset. You can erase the worry with Employee Journey Insurance, which covers employees for personal injury that takes place travelling to or from their home or work. 

Strata Title Insurance

If loss or damage happens to your strata building or the shared contents of the building, a reliable Strata Title Insurance policy will protect you from the potentially substantial cost of repairs. Strata Title Insurance (otherwise known as Body Corporate Insurance) can protect residential properties managed under Strata Title Legislation or a Body Corporate Entity. 

Farm Insurance  

If your business is farming, we understand it’s more than just a livelihood – it’s your life. CIS Group understands the challenges of life on the land. We can help deliver a range of Farm Insurance options and convenient payment options that can make it a whole lot easier for you and your family. 

Association Insurance 

If you’re an organisation that relies on volunteers, the last thing you need is the worry of someone being injured while helping out, or a member of the public being hurt at your event. Our Association Liability insurance solutions are specifically designed for volunteer and community groups. 

Crime Insurance 

Workplace criminal activity can not only cost your business’ reputation, but it can also last for years and come with excessive monetary costs. Crime Insurance can help protect your business from financial loss due to a wide range of criminal activity, whether it be fraud, cybercrime, the destruction of property or theft. 

Directors and Officers Insurance 

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance protects Company Directors and Officers of a corporation or business against legal liabilities that might arise while managing an organisation. People in these positions may have claims brought against them by shareholders, employees, competitors, statutory bodies or even the corporation with which they work. 

Rebuilding your business

It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare – a fire or theft robs you of your stock and equipment. 

Not only could it leave you without anything to sell, it could leave you with a major financial expense to get your business running again. 

Thankfully there is a simple way you can defend yourself against events like this.