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Statutory Liability Insurance

Statutory Liability Insurance

Due to a large number of requirements as specified by Workplace health and safety laws, businesses need to make sure they are up to date and comply with a long list of rules and regulations intended to protect employees at work. 

Given the many requirements, keeping up to date with these statutory obligations to employees can be extremely difficult. It’s why so many organisations choose to take out Statutory Liability Insurance to shield themselves from inadvertently breaching any of these laws. 

Who is it for? 

Every organisation, in every industry, is potentially exposed to liabilities that might come from investigations or court cases brought by regulatory bodies for alleged breach of statute. 

Statutory liability policies can cover liabilities that arise out of unintentional breaches of many Australian laws. It is often used to describe business liability concerning occupational health and safety, environmental and employment laws. 

What does this insurance cover? 

A typical Statutory Liability Insurance policy will provide cover for: 

  • a business’ liability if it unintentionally breaches a law concerning occupational health and safety, environmental and employment laws. 
  • Costs of any official investigations or inquiries related to a breach 
  • Liability claims that come from pollution breaches 
  • Any fines or penalties awarded against your business 

Statutory Liability Insurance does not include cover for: 

  • Fines or penalties resulting from your dishonest, deliberate, negligent or reckless behaviour 
  • Losses that come out of any claim against you for, asbestos, injuries to third parties, fraud, joint ventures, old or existing claims (in some cases), damage to property, wrongdoing and any further but unrelated proceedings. 
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