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Corporate Travel Insurance

Corporate Travel Insurance

Travelling for business is becoming the norm for most modern-day businesses. Unfortunately, even with the best plans in place, things can go wrong. It is why organisations have a duty of care to look after their employees when they’re out of the office for work as much as if they were in the office at their desks. 

CIS Group Corporate Travel Insurance provides employees with cover for the most common risks they might encounter while travelling for work interstate or abroad. 

Coverage could include loss of deposits, accidental death and disability, flight cancellations, baggage theft, medical evacuation, personal liability and more. 

Who is it for? 

If any of your employees travel overseas or interstate for business, then corporate travel insurance is an important consideration. As Corporate Travel Insurance can also be extended to include employees and their families for holiday travel, it can also be seen as a great and low-cost employee benefit. 

What does this insurance cover? 

Most Corporate Travel Insurance policies will provide cover for: 

  • Emergency hospital and medical expenses 
  • Replacement of lost travel documents and luggage 
  • Accidental death, disability and loss of income 
  • Hire care access 
  • Cancellation expenses due to delayed flights or illness 
  • Kidnap and ransom 
  • Personal Liability. 

Corporate Travel Insurance offers additional benefits that can include: 

  • Cover for the whole business, not just the individual 
  • Cover that extends to all Employees, Directors, Officers and Consultants of the Insured person, including accompanying spouse and dependent children 
  • Cover for leisure travel during a business trip. (Leisure-only travel can also be included) 
  • Cover for pre-existing conditions if your doctor deems you fit for travel 
  • Higher sums insured across a range of potential risks 
For more information or to arrange cover for you or your business, please contact the team at CIS Group.