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Home and Contents Insurance

Home and Contents Insurance

Our homes, belongings and even investments reflect who we are as people – they’re as individual as we are. It’s why CIS Group offers a range of flexible Home and Contents Insurance policies to ensure you get the right cover for what’s important to you and suits your individual needs. 

Who is it for? 

Anyone who is looking to protect their home and belongings from a range of insured events. This type of insurance can help you and your family get back on your feet and minimise any costs involved. 

What does this insurance cover? 

Cover differs between insurance companies. Typical policy benefits might cover:  

  •  Flood cover (depending on location)  
  •  Regardless of the age of your home and contents, your old is replaced with new  
  • Listed events can vary between different insurance policies. For example, home insurance might provide cover for broken glass, while contents insurance won’t.   
Accidental Damage, Home and Contents Insurance

Rather than listing individual items for your insurance cover, Accidental Damage Home and Contents Insurance has higher limits for valuables and offers protection for special items like jewellery, artwork and collectibles as well as your portable contents and valuables when you’re holidaying in Australia and New Zealand.  


For more information or to arrange cover for you or your business, please contact the team at CIS Group.