It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare – a fire or theft robs you of your stock and equipment. 

Not only could it leave you without anything to sell, it could leave you with a major financial expense to get your business running again. 

Thankfully there is a simple way you can defend yourself against events like this. 

How insurance can help 

Two types of insurance policies can help you in this type of scenario: 

1)      Business Insurance can help you replace what was stolen or damaged – including equipment, furniture, fixtures, walls, carpet, light fittings and your merchandise. 

2)      Business Interruption Insurance helps protect your profits during any interruption to your business caused by the loss or damage. For example, it may cover: 

  • The difference between your normal business income and the reduced income 
  • Increased costs incurred in attempting to maintain your business, and 
  • Costs to temporarily relocate to another premise to maintain trade.

Every business is different, so to find out how to get the right insurance cover for your business you should talk to an adviser at Comprehensive Insurance Solutions Group today. 

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